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Defining the Different Styles for Living Room Furniture in Delhi

Defining the Different Styles for Living Room Furniture in Delhi

It's Diwali and time to replace your old furniture with a new set. With the presence of innumerable furniture manufacturers in Delhi, it is definitely a tricky task for you to select the perfect design and style. Since now you have a wide array of colours, styles and texture options with different furniture manufactures, we are here to guide you with some useful tips.

Here are the essential factors to take note of while you set out to buy living room furniture in Delhi:

With the market being loaded with abundant styles, as a buyer, you need to know about the trending furniture styles available in the market. Here are few of those unique styles of furniture:

Antique type of furniture:

The antique kind of furniture is those that define the styles of ancient Indians. Yes, you heard it right! A style belonging to nearly hundreds and thousands of years from now is reckoned as the antique style furniture. Since wood was the only known raw material then, the majority of the carved sofa set suppliers shall exhibit antique furniture carved out of wood only. Be careful with the authenticity of the wood used.

The traditional type of furniture:

Queen Anne, Chippendale and the styles of Sheraton are blended together to represent the traditional variants of the furniture. These categories of furniture are more graceful than their ancient counterparts. You may find traditional furniture carved out either in wood, plastic, or metal raw materials.


If you want to represent your home décor with a particular furniture theme, vintage furniture must your first pick. The vintage furniture belongs to an era somewhere between the ancient and traditional variants.

These three are the most sought styles of Living Room Furniture in Delhi. Besides, the market also has rustic, art deco and retro styles for those who are more of artistic origin.

Meta: Choosing a perfect style for your living room furniture in Delhi needs a thorough knowledge of the existing styles in the market to pick the best fit as per your living room décor.

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